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What's inside a Rattlesnake Rattle?

Posted on 07 Apr 2016

This video shows you the big mystery behind the tail of those majestic snakes.

I’m talking about the Rattlesnake, those snake are called like that cause the rattle at the tip of it’s tail, its one of the few snakes that sound like that. The big question here is, Why does it’s tail sound like that, what’s inside the rattle of these kinds of snakes, that produce this terrific sound.

I used to think that the snake produce the sound from its mouth and seems to come from his tail, but the sound doesn’t comes from its mouth.

The snake in the path of life, get buttons in the tail, these buttons are made up of Keratin, the same material of the fingernails are made of, Actually the rattles are empty, so what makes the noise? The noise comes from each segment knocking together.

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