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Tape Face: Strange Act Leaves the Audience Speechless

Posted on 12 Jun 2016

Making people laugh is difficult under normal conditions. Now imagine standing in front of a large audience on a television program, unable to speak, and the only tool to achieve your task is to your body movement and gestures of your face. That was the case of a mime, who at present in the famous "America's Got Talent" program caused a sensation and laughter everywhere.

A video posted on YouTube shows a peculiar act of mime, during an audition for the American program "America's Got Talent 2016" appears with his mouth covered with a piece of tape. Soon the comic begins with his act, making a public indecisive a hobby for an act unconventional.

It is certainly difficult to compete in a talent show, especially when there is so much competition and judges severe shown to the participants. And we can not blame them for skeptical when a person with deranged look, rĂ­mel, a little dapper hairstyle and a tape attached to the mouth stares at them unable to issue a word.

Then the mime begins with his act, simulating a pair of kitchen gloves of a couple of singers who shows loving while performing a melody. Soon the comic makes his audience laugh, but that's not the ace up his sleeve.

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