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Panda Cub Trying to Turn Over

Posted on 28 Oct 2016

A panda cub that is face up is trying to turn over by more than a minute, but do not get it, so that the video has been shared by thousands of internet users.

Well, people say it is difficult to do something for the first time and it was exactly the case of this little panda that for more than a minute struggled to turn, but gave up after fighting against his own body.

Video was published by a user named "Wolong Panda Club". The Wolong Panda Club page is dedicated to capturing the daily life of panda bears that inhabit the Wolong National Nature Reserve. This reserve is the most famous breeding pandas in China.

It is believed that the panda who stars in the video is about 6 months because newborns have a pink color and lack of fur. The pandas begin to acquire the characteristic white with black at 5 months.

Newborn pandas usually weigh between 90 and 130 grams and only breastfed during their first year of life. Year pandas can start eating solid foods like bamboo.

Puppies do not open their eyes until they are between 6 and 8 weeks and can move themselves up to three months.

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