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Homemade Hoverbike

Posted on 30 Apr 2016

Flying bikes or "hoverbikes" were born in science fiction and since then we wonder the idea that they exist. The United States Army is developing his own, but this man has used his own hands and two giant fans to create one, and works almost perfectly.

The creator, of course, is responsible for the YouTube channel Colinfurze, known for giving life to any craziness that comes to his mind or ask his subscribers. from a replica of the claws of Wolverine or hidden Assassin's Creed weapon, up to Kart-rocket that can exceed 100 kilometers per hour.

His new creation is a fully functional Hoverbike, and to make it possible, only takes two "giant fans" and some knowledge in engineering.

It is incredible, how Technology is giving us things that we used to imagine, an incredible Homemade Hoverbike, hope you enjoy this video.

Aditional info

Hoverbike :

  • It is a flying motorcycle
  • Designed to carry up one or two people
  • Can rises around 10 feet from the ground

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