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Can Paper Cut Wood?

Posted on 23 Aug 2016

Test the resistance of an object has become a fad on YouTube. On this occasion, a native Canadian man wanted to see if you can cut a piece of wood with a sheet of paper. More than 4 million people have seen the results of the experiment so far. The author of the video. John Heisz is a carpenter who has a workshop in Ontario. Pretending to be a 'youtuber', this man replace the circular sharp with a piece of paper with the same shape and dimensions.

The proof.

This whole modification process was documented on YouTube, and once culminating was tested. First is that a sheet of paper and a cardboard box are subjected to this makeshift saw. Both objects were cut without any problem.

Paper cutting.

Then came a thin wooden board, which was also cut by the paper. The last test involved a small trunk and, although this time it seems that the paper saw not pass the test, it manages to cut much of the wood block.

Against the wood.

It fails to cut at all because the paper did not support drag and finish bending and breaking, as shown in the YouTube clip. It should be noted that the paper used in the video seems to have a somewhat greater than that of an ordinary sheet thickness.

I would like to see the paper of the video cutting a steak of a restaurant like cut steakhouse.

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